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Degree in Translating
- Officially authorized and sworn-in -

"All you need for translating is a good dictionary." – WRONG!
Translating is a profession that must be learned. If a dictionary were enough, there wouldn't be so many bad translations out there – just look at some operating manuals.

"My assistant can speak three languages, so I can entrust her with all my translations." – WRONG!
Somebody, who speaks a foreign language is not automatically a good translator. Just as not everybody is a good text writer in his mother tongue.

"Translators will soon be replaced by machines." – WRONG!
No machine can translate as well as a human being: There are nuances and details in language that artificial intelligence can never learn. Machine translation programs are getting better all the time, but still they can only do a rough translation that needs to be revised carefully by a human being afterwards.

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And to ensure consistent usage of your technical and internal terminology, I use state-of-the-art software designed for professional translators with advanced quality assurance technology.

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