Translating and interpreting is taught at the university level – and here is why: Translating is not about single words, it is what words are about! This means that translators and interpreters must understand 100% of what they are going to transfer into another language.

And it means that they need comprehensive and solid training, know-how in the relevant area and the ability to phrase facts, concepts, ideas, etc. clearly, precisely and geared to the target group. Continuous education – literally speaking »life-long learning« – is therefore essential.

I can look back on 16 years of experience in translating and interpreting as a freelancer. I obtained my basic qualifications at Heidelberg University.

Angie Dröber - Portrait


Certificate of Proficiency in English
University of Cambridge Examination
Degree in Translating
Degree in »Translating and Interpreting« at Heidelberg University; Institute for Translating and Interpreting;
1st Foreign Language: English
2nd Foreign Language: Spanish
Secondary Subject: Law
Officially authorized and sworn-in for the English language
EUROLTA First Certificate
Certificate of the Bavarian Adult Education Association.
After completing a teacher training course comprising 60 units, I obtained a certificate confirming the theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages to adults in a diversified and effective way.


1994 – 1995
Teaching assignment at a Comprehensive School in Bromley (Greater London)
since 1998
Technical translations for business, industry, trade, courts, law firms, public authorities, publishers and private customers
since 1998
Numerous interpreting assignments at trainings, factory tours, trade fairs, business meetings, public authorities, court, etc.
since 2006
In addition, assignments teaching foreign languages in adult education